Meet Kevin Heier

Kevin Heier


Hello and welcome to Weights n Plates. The purpose of this site will be to provide you with helpful information on fitness training and nutrition. The goal is to make you faster, stronger, and above all, healthier.

After spending several years in school on the career track of becoming a history professor, I realized my real passion was fitness and helping others achieve their goals and live healthier, more active lives.

I have a competitive background in endurance sports, soccer, rugby, and in Crossfit and I am a Certified Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor with the Health Science Academy. After implementing the techniques I learned while studying with the Health Science Academy, I have found that I am faster, leaner, and recover much more quickly from training and I want to help you do the same. I am available for private training sessions if you are in the Northwest Ohio area and can also provide individual dietary and nutritional counseling.

For more information on training or nutrition advising you can email us at

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